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The Main Steps to Start Writing a Narrative Essay

Many people mistakenly believe that a narrative essay is just a composition. Let’s begin with a definition for a narrative essay. Narrative essay is a short first-person story that usually expresses the author’s point of view on an event. You can choose any theme of the essay. One can tell about the most interesting thing, narrate impressions of the trip, share experiences or memories.

When writing an essay, there is often the question: Where to start from? Next, let’s look at a few points that will help in the successful writing of the essay.

Choose a theme

First, you should decide on the topic of the essay. If there is no specific topic or list of topics, then first determine the target audience, for whom it will be written. There are a lot of options. This may be an essay for the teacher, but in this case, you need to consider what criteria will be evaluated. Or is it an essay for some magazine, website, or literary community? In this case, you should choose the topic that is most relevant and will be of interest to your readers.

Another important point to consider when choosing a topic: the topic should be familiar to you, and at least interesting.

Where to start from?

Often, people who can express their thoughts clearly and have some oratory skills face difficulties at the very beginning of writing a narrative essay. Thinking about the beginning can take a long time, which greatly overshadows the process of creative work. Use the following tips on how to begin an essay.

  • Before you begin writing your essay, determine its main idea and the purpose. It is possible and even necessary, to turn to some sources of information to understand all the details.
  • Most people find it difficult to write an introduction. Don’t dwell on that. You can start writing of introductory part after writing the main one when the idea will be formed.
  • Start with a question. This method is the most widely employed. Next, the answer to this question will be the main part of your essay
  • Use the technique of free writing. This writing technique helps to find uncommon solutions and ideas and has something similar to the method of brainstorming. The point is to write down all the thoughts that arise in the head, without concentrating on editing and changes, and even neglecting grammatical rules.

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Making an essay plan

Don’t strive to devise a perfect plan. While working with the text, the plan can be changed and edited. If desired, you can refuse to use it at all. After all, the main advantage of writing a narrative essay is the absence of strict rules and restrictions. If the author is easier to adhere to a strict plan, then one should take the time to draw it up.

All main ideas should be reflected in the viewpoints of the plan. Then, as much detail as possible, dividing each paragraph into sub-paragraphs.

However, there are 3 main points that should be followed when working with the text, because the structure of its construction is very important. In any essay should always be:

  • Introduction;
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion.

As a rule, any essay begins with an introduction. Do not underestimate its importance, as it depends on whether you can interest the reader. The introduction may contain the main essence of the problem, begin with a question or quote.

The main part contains a more detailed description of the affected problem and fully reveals its essence. You can give a few arguments to confirm your statements. It can be situations from personal experience, opinions of scientists, references to reliable sources, etc.

The final part summarizes all the above and draws conclusions. Thus, you have to bring the reader to a logical conclusion. The main tasks of the final part to push the reader to think, to make a complete picture of the work.

So, based on the above, there are 3 main steps to start writing a narrative essay:

  1. Define the topic. It is important to remember the target audience.
  2. Define the main idea of your essay. Start with a question or immediately proceed to the main part.
  3. Make a plan. It will help you to build a logical structure of the essay. But not necessarily strictly to follow it. Do not forget that this is a creative process. But remember about 3 main points: Introduction, main part, conclusion.

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