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Guide About Writing an Essay

During their academic life, all students are required to provide a number of papers, including academic essays. There are argumentative, contrast, descriptive, and other types of pieces. They may be long or short, the latter papers are known as five-paragraph essays. Here, we will provide a few steps on how to prepare a successful piece in accordance with the educator’s requirements.

Start with a Title and Basic Ideas

The first step is all about choosing a title and setting up basic ideas. Make sure that the title includes a verb and is not boring for recipients. Once the title is chosen, think about the ideas you will note in your paper. Write them down and start doing research.

Don’t hesitate to go beyond the recommended readings, take advantage of the Google Scholar service, where one can find a lot of useful information. There is no need to read the whole monographies, pay attention to introductory and concluding chapters only. Talking to experts before taking the following steps is also a wise decision.

Get to a Thesis

Once the research is done, you are probably ready to come up with your position. Summarize it with a single sentence which will be your thesis. Only then draft an outline where you will cite some arguments. Later you will use them in a body paragraph to prove your statement.

Start Writing an Introduction

Make some efforts to draw your readers’ attention from the very first page. Do it by involving some interesting facts, positions, ideas, etc. Then continue providing an overview of your position. The last few sentences save for introducing the body paragraph.

Back Up Your Thesis

The body part is all about creating a clear picture of your argumentation you will use to support your position. Once the information is provided, choose three strongest points from the list and back up them with the same number of supporting ideas.

Here, use transitional word and phrases to give the paper a more formal appearance. Moreover, these elements will help you to separate thoughts in the text in a proper way. If your writing skills are not developed well, then use a custom essay service so that professional writers can assist you.

Continue with a Conclusion

This part of your paper should be as effective as others. Take note that most recipients will read only the first and last chapters of your work; therefore, take your time to write them well so that the educator can properly understand your position and the ideas you use to support it.

As with the introduction, don’t write too much. Craft several sentences where state the reasons for the paper and the key points you used to support your position. Don’t forget to mention your thesis here as well.

End Up with a List of References

This list is also reffered to as a bibliography. To get a top mark, this part of your paper should be written well to. It should come with the details about all the sources you used to craft a document formatted in accordance with the required citation style. If you forget to cite any reading, your educator probably will credit you with plagiarising. No matter how much information from a particular work your use, it should be included in the list obligatory.

Correct Mistakes

Once the paper is written, it is time to start revising it. This will help you to find unnecessary mistakes and make the document sound the way you want it to. First of all, check if the text is structured properly, then make sure that all of your key points are supported with relevant ideas.

Read the first and last chapters and try to get an idea of what the document is about without getting to its body section. And only when everything is done, proofread the text to detect misspellings, grammar issues, punctuation gaps, and formatting mistakes. Don’t start editing the moment you finished writing, this will not bring any results. Give your brain some time to reset. Finally, ask your friend or relative to read the paper aloud so you can make sure that every word sounds the way it should.

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